Hunting Island State Park Visitor Center

visitor center parking

Park Information
Alligator Pond
Video & Bulletin Board Displays
Friends of Hunting Island Award Display

Please Note: The Visitor Center is undergoing a total rennovation. Completion at or near the new year.

awards display
Please check out the awards wall at Hunting Island Visitor Center, awards you all should be proud of and take time to stop by and take a look. Without your support and dedication none of this could have been accomplished.

awards display
Visitor Center Pond
- Friends of Hunting Island helped build a berm between the beach road and the pond. We completed the project with the planting of 70 plants.

diorama of lighthouse compound

Diorama of the Lighthouse compound & Keeper uniform. For more lighthouse information Click Here

inside the visitor center
We hope you enjoy the displays at the Visitor Center