nest 17 turtle2009 Nest #17 Turtle

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bye bye saturdayBye Bye, "Saturday"
learning to inventoryLearning to Inventory
nest 5 hatchedNest #5 Hatched
only the strong surviveOnly the Strong Survive
okay i'll goOkay, Okay, I'll Go...
is that the oceanIs That The Ocean?
baby turtle crawlBaby Turtle Crawl
the turtlet who waitedThe Turtlet Who Waited
nest 4 inventory countNest #4 Inventory Count
eggs we learned to countEggs We Learned to Count
training nest 4Training Nest #4
pulling off the cagePulling Off the Cage
excavate the cageExcavate the Cage
inventory trainingInventory Training - Nest #3
off to the seaOff to the Sea
inventory hatchlingsInventory Found Hatchlings
nest 2 inventoryNest #2 Inventory Training
it always changesHunting Island Always Changes - Photo Op is Gone
cages workThe Cages Work - Keeps the Raccoons OUT!
quintessential day leaderQuintessential Day Leader
53 skyler countsNest #53 - Skyler Counts
digging nest 53Digging Nest #53
nest 53 crawlNest #53 Crawl
old sy sunriseOld Sy \Sunrise
probing nest 39Probing Nest #39
zone 1 crawlZone 1 - Crawl Against the Wall
on the sideTurtle On the Side - Johnson Creek
flipper on the edgeFlipper on the Edge
tried to find a way upTried to Find a Way Up
creekside crawlCreekside Crawl
june 26 sunriseJune 26 - Sunrise
nest 32 crawlNest #32 Crawl
rainbow morningRainbow Morning
she really traveledShe Really Traveled
over log and aroundOver a Log & Around
june 17 false crawlJune 17th False Crawl
small turtle false crawlSmall Turtle - False Crawl
nest 28 eggsNest #28 Eggs
eggs revealedEggs Revealed
probing nest 28Probing Nest #28
nest 28 x crawlNest #28 X Crawl
crawl from the seaCrawl from the Sea
nest 28 crawlNest #28 Crawl
some mornings artSome Mornings All You Get is Art
nest 18 teamNest #18 Team
nest 18 crawlNest #18 Crawl
nest 17 turtleNest #17 Turtle
nest 17 we saw herNest #17 - We Saw Her
turtle on the beachTurtle on the Beach!
another sunriseAnother of Those Sunrises
nest 10 teamNest #10 Team
she slid down duneShe Slid Down the Dune
such a nice crawlSuch a Nice Crawl
nest 10 eggsNest #10 Eggs
found the eggsFound the Eggs
nest 10 crawlNest #10 Crawl
nest 10 come goNest #10 Come & Go
around and over duneAround & Over the Dune
nest 6 teamNest #6 - The Team
one of those sunrisesOne of Those Sunrises...
getting ready for cageGetting Ready for the Cage
new cagesNew Cages - Deter Raccoons?
in the new holeIn The New Home
nest 5 eggsNest #5 Eggs in Bucket
yep there they areYep, There they Are
digging nest 5Digging Out Nest #5
in front of bathhouseHow Many Turtlers Does it Take?...
horseshoe crabsHorseshoe Crabs
zone 1 photo opZone 1 Photo Op
must be falseMay 19th - Must Be False
buddy digsBuddy Digs
nest 1 stakedDenise Probes
nest 1 stakedNest #1 Staked
nest 1 crawlNest #1 Crawl
prober trainingProber Training

ingenious bucket cartKaren's Ingenious Cart
2009 day leader training'09 Day Leader Training

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