kiosk at marsh boardwalk

Hunting Island State Park
Marsh Boardwalk

Take a walk across pluff mud. At low tide, see snails clinging to grasses and crabs scuttling out of the sun. Taste the pungent scent of juniper. Dodge the web of a three-inch spider woven along the trail across the islet. Hear the harsh cry of a marsh hen. Discover the sign of raccoons at the water's edge below the dock. Watch as an egret lifts off without a sound, white against the blue. If you are lucky, a bottlenose dolphin may surface in the creek before your eyes.

Newly renovated, the marsh boardwalk allows us the opportunity to go where people rarely can, to glimpse the rarely seen. Improved parking and interpretive signs greet visitors.

marsh creek

Don't miss the marsh boardwalk two miles south of the lighthouse entrance, on the right.

across the marsh walk to the islet fiddler crabs below sunny trail view near sunset