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Trash & Litter Control

keep beaufort county beautiful nothing finer than a cleaner carolina

The only Friends of Hunting Island Committee we wish could be disbanded!

April 13 2013

litter bags

10 AM at the North Beach Pavillion

beach sweepers join the fun
Please Join Friends of Hunting Island and Help Keep Our Park, Beach and Trails Clean and Litter Free
Volunteers of all ages are needed to police the: Beaches - Trails - Interior Roads - Nature Center­Marsh
Our long-time friends of the Lowcountry Rotary Club will be providing grilled items with the FOHI Social Committee providing the food.

Thank you for all the help at the beach sweep to beautify our park. Beaches, Trails, Interior Roads, Nature Center, Marsh Boardwalk, Highway 21, and Russ Point Landing. Love those "Man-Tools," blowers, shears, trimmers, etc., thanks for bringing them along. — Vicki Anne Nestor
Phone: 379-3389

Jane Ann Lotton, Litter Control Co-Director. Phone: 379.5821 E-mail:


no butts poster

The Beach is not an Ashtray!

In conjunction with Beaufort County Recycles, the litter team at Hunting Island made the news again. We continue to remind you to carry a container for your cigarette butts whenever you enjoy our beautiful Park.

interview with vicki anne
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Friends of Hunting Island Litter & Trash Education:

Marine Debris BioDegradation Timeline biodegradation chart

Paper towel: 2 to 4 weeks
Newspaper: 6 weeks
Apple Core: 8 weeks
Cardboard Box: 2 months
Milk Carton: 3 months
Cotton Gloves: 1 to 5 months
Natural Fiber Rope: 3 to 14 months
Biodegradable Diaper: 1 year
Wool Glove: 1 year
Plywood: 1 to 3 years
Painted Wooden Stick: 13 years
Tin Can: 50 years
Styrofoam Cup: 50 years
Styrofoam Buoy: 80 years
Aluminum Can: 400 years
Plastic Beverage Holder (6-Pack): 400 years
Disposable Diaper: 450 years
Plastic Bottle: 450 years
Monofilament Fishing Net: 600 years
Glass Bottles & Jars: ???

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