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The South Carolina State Parks Discover Carolina Program

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Discover Carolina: Dear Teachers

We invite you and your students to visit our park and participate in an educational program. This popular state park, located near historic Beaufort, is a 5,000-acre secluded barrier island of semitropical beauty. As the name implies, the island was once used for hunting deer, raccoon, waterfowl and other small game. As a state park, the island serves as a preserve for its abundant wildlife. With more than four miles of beach, a maritime forest and extensive saltwater marsh, the island is also a retreat for people who love a natural coastal environment. An historic 19th-century lighthouse is Hunting Island’s most popular landmark, where guests can climb to the top for a spectacular view of the coastline. The lighthouse and its complex are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Park Interpreter Led Programs: Marine Ecology
Program Activities

Using activity stations on the pier and in the Nature Center classroom, students will investigate different marine habitats, including the salt marsh, estuary, and tidal creek, and organisms associated with them. They will discuss the ideas of population, niche, food webs and food chains.

Grade Level: 5
Time to Complete: 2 hours
Standards: 5-2.4
Setting: coastal park

Life and Death of a Barrier Island
Program Activities

Students will apply and better understand biological elements and changes learned in the classroom by visiting Hunting Island State Park. This lesson focuses on identifying, categorizing and hypothesizing about plant and wildlife habitats.

Grade Level: 7
Time to Complete: 1.5 hours
Standards: 7-4.1 and 7-4.4
Setting: coastal park

Loggerhead Lane
Program Activities

Using Hunting Island State Park is one of the premier nesting areas for the threatened loggerhead sea turtle. This makes the park an excellent location to study our state reptile. During this hands-on field study, students will:

  • ♦ Investigate ideal nesting habitat for the loggerhead sea turtle.
  • ♦ Demonstrate how loggerhead turtle nesting areas are managed.
  • ♦ Determine how threats, both human and natural, can affect their long-term survival.

Upon completion of this field trip, students will understand the threats to loggerhead sea turtles and the importance of protecting this valuable reptile.

Grade Level: 3
Time to Complete: 2 hours
Standards: 3-1.5, 3-1.6, 3-1.7, 3-2.3 and 3-2.4
Setting: coastal park